Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stuff We've Done This Year

                                         Licorice and Chip
                              Licorice, Chip, and Hershey (aka Mama Chihuahua)
                          A majority of our Keepers group we stumbled upon at the fair.
Amy's flag quilt
                                           Amy's quilling
                                          Amy's wreath
                                         Chicken-on-stick at the fair
                           It was really windy up there (don't remember where this is)
                                          God's amazing Grand Canyon!
                                    Again, God's AMAZING Grand Canyon!
     Us three and the mini-Beards (younger three cousins) at the Coke Museum
                                                       The greasy V
                              Ballet recital (Amy looks really pretty in her stage make-up)
                              Uncle Eddie, Sammy, and Amy off for a ride on the jet ski
                        Yes, I am driving the jet ski! You should be scared! (just kidding)
                                          Amy kayak-ing
                                          That is a look of excitement!
                                          I made it up....for a second....                            
                             Pictures added by
                             ~  Amy

(captions added by Katie)


  1. What a busy, happy household! Love all the pictures of the fun we've had a family! I love spending time with ya'll and finding new adventures! What till next weekend.

  2. Hey you two..

    Why is there not something that Kathryn did at the fair?

    Was it cause Amy uploaded all the photos?



  3. @ Mama, I can't wait until this weekend!

    @Bryant, funny...:)


  4. Amy... I love your flag quilt. It is beautiful.