Sunday, September 19, 2010

Read the Title

I wanted to blog about something, but didn't know what so you are going to get my random thoughts.

We are expecting chihuahua puppies any day now! Hershey is now 8 weeks pregnant and extremely FAT, and you can feel the puppies kicking in her belly. The puppies are going to be gorgeous because both the mother and the father are beautiful.

This is Hershey and then Skittles. Our friend has dubbed the puppies M&Ms, get it?
~Subject Change~
If you didn't know, I took my first CLEP exam a couple of weeks ago. It was History of the US I: 1495-1877.  Well, I passed with a 59! I now have 3 credits towards my degree ( of which I do not know what I'm doing yet). Now I am studying for History of the US II: 1865-Present. I pray that I will study well and not procrastinate.

Well it is bedtime, and I have a LOT of studying to do tomorrow. Good night!



  1. chocolate skittles, or m & m's, or snickers, milky way, kitkat, or whatever! It'll be exciting when it happens!

  2. Whoa, pregnant chihuahua's are still tiny!

    GREAT job on passing your test!

  3. Congratulations on the test! I already knew, your mom's been bragging!

    Keep the puppies AWAY from Izzy!

  4. Great job on your testing! And keep up the hard work. Can't wait to see the puppies.

  5. Hey Girls, I left y'all an award on my blog today...check it out! Love, Mom