Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rejected Wedding Cake Ideas

Amy and I were looking at pictures of wedding cakes online... and Amy found a few that would be "perfect"...
The Spy Cake

Mario and Princess Peach

M&M cake

Scrabble Cake

The Cow Cake
With the Spy Cake, Amy suggested for the Groom's cake to be cupcakes with more little dudes trying to get onto the big cake.

The Scrabble cake looked appropriate because of the big "K" on top, though it would only work for my name...

Mario and M&M cakes were just cute. :)

To be paired with the Cow Cake, I suggested for the Groom's cake to be cupcakes that look like chickens... Amy agreed that that would be cute.

Though these are all cute cakes... well, almost all... I would like something much more simple, that doesn't stand out, or clash, with everything else.

Thank you for reading about our silliness,