Monday, August 23, 2010

Accelerated Distance Learning

Told you it was coming, and it is finally here.

Accelerated Distance Learning, or ADL for short.

ADL is exactly what it sounds like. It is accelerated, so it should take a shorter amount of time to get my degree, than a traditional college. I can learn from a distance, to me this has two meanings 1) I can finish getting my degree from any college that offers it online, or 2)The program that I am using to perform ADL, CollegePlus!, assigns a coach to each student and my coach lives in California.

The Process:

First, you get assigned a coach. Then you complete some study skills, such as speed reading and dynamic memory. These help you to study quickly and efficiently. While you are doing the study skills you fill out a little workbook called Life Purpose Planning. This book helps students to look into themselves and seek God’s direction for their lives. After the first couple of weeks you and your coach will decide on which CLEP exam you want to take first. You don’t have to take CLEP there are other types of exams out there. CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program. Exams such as CLEP will give you credit for a college course that you already know without you having to sit in a classroom for 16-32 weeks. You can study for a couple of weeks, take the test, and receive credit based on how you do and how many credits the college that you choose allows. You continue this process until you have as many credits your school will allow.

There are other ways to get credits without being tested, but I’m still learning about those and how they work. You can use these other ways to get extracurricular credit.

Last, you chose your college that offers the degree that you want and transfer as many credits as possible to the college and finish your degree with the classes that are not offered by alternative learning methods.

There is more to this way of earning your college degree, that I can’t explain. The book ”Accelerated Distance Learning” by Brad Voeller tells all about how he earned his four-year, fully accredited college degree in less than 6 months, and for less than $5,000.



  1. That is very cool. I am excited to see how soon you will get your degree. We are very proud of you and your dedication to learning.

  2. Yeah Katie! We are so excited for you with this new venture (for you and us) and know the Lord has great things planned for you! Thanks for being willing to break out of the "everybody does it this way mold" and trying something different! You go nerd! We love you!

  3. CollegePlus! is definitely a great program. I used them, and just finished my BSBA as an 18 year old. You're on the right track...hope it goes great for you!

  4. Congrats and best wishes as you pursue your degree. I'm also a CollegePlus! student and CollegePlus! has been nothing short of amazing. Maybe I'll see you at a CollegePlus! student get together some day.

  5. Thanks for talking about CP! It's exciting to read student blogs and see how everyone is progressing with their degrees.

    - Caitlin