Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's so FLUFFY!

This is Amy's new bunny...


She is a beautiful 5 week old bunny. She is white with "blue" markings (they are actually grey, but the proper name is blue). Amy was very excited when Mr. Hopson called Momma telling her that we could pick up Amy's bunny, and we were able to pick the doe up that day. Amy is ecstatic to have the responsibility, and is doing wonderful with it.

Bluebelle is very light weight and fluffy. She should only weigh about 6lbs. It feels funny when she licks you and nibbles on you.


  1. I loved it when she ran across the floor last night, hit the hardwood, and wiped out ~ all 4 little paws went a different direction!

  2. AWW!! cute bunny Amy! I hope that you thanked your dear thoughtful parent profusely! Love and miss ya! BTW: I really like the background on here!