Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am not easily distracted. I ... Hey. Look. Yarn!

Well, we haven't blogged in a while, so I will go ahead and tell ya'll some things that have gone on 'round here.


Momma and Daddy are on a cruise this week. (They left us poor unfortunate souls at Granny's....*sticks bottom lip out for emphasis*) They left from Charleston, SC to head to Nassau, Freeport, and will soon be in Key West. They will be back on Friday, Lord willing. I pray that they are having a wonderful, completely child-free week.

Now on to us that are back at Granny's...We are having a great time sleeping-in and staying up late. We have gone out everyday, and Granny has bought each of us at least one item of clothing. Thank you Granny!

Amy has been crocheting her fingers away. She has been working on a baby afghan, dish cloths, and tonight she made a cute little bag to use in her purse. And if she isn't crocheting, she is reading.

Amy and her baggie :)

Will has been reading, or....playing with LEGOS! Today he got to skip the shopping and instead went over to our cousins' home to have a Nerf war. He had a blast!

Granny has been cross-stitching, lookin at magazines, or (so graciously) doing laundry. Again, Thank you Granny! :)

And me? Well, I have been trying to keep these other three in line! I'm just kidding. I have been reading, crocheting or talking to Bryant.

We have been having light-hearted teasing and conversations with plenty of giggles.

From the home front...James called this evening to tell us that the puppies found a new toy. Yarn!!!! From what I've been told they got under Dad's side table and found some of Amy's yarn that had fallen. That just added to the giggles.

That is the jist of what has happened the past couple of days. I pray that all ya'll have a wonderful week. I also thank you for visiting our blog. God Bless!



  1. Hey girls, glad y'all are having a great time. Tell Will and Granny hey, and we'll see you all soon.

  2. Good to hear you are having so much fun and relaxing. Before you know, it will be time get back to school work.